A massive component  of the Youth Network is formal training. Across the year participants have several opportunities to receive certified training in areas that are not only relevant to future work and up-skilling but in types of training that are not otherwise accessible anywhere in the region.

If there is a job on farm that is never done it’s fencing, putting it up is just the start of it, there’s maintenance, repair and upgrading or moving fencing when required. 9 students from the 2018 intake were able to complete a 5 day intensive fencing training course receiving a Certificate 2 for their efforts. TAFE Dubbo was on the job to run the training for us with Broken Hill City Council coming on board to fund the training through a $12000 Community Assistance Grant. Council also supplied all of the fencing material as the fence we would be building as part of our training was something special. This was a fence with a purpose!

For decades the Regeneration Reserves have surrounded Broken Hill, protecting the town from dust storms and acting as a biodiversity conservation zone. Over time the fences that protect the Regen have become worn out, damaged and destroyed and so we suggested to Council that our Youth Network kids would use their training to replace fencing along the Regen. A great demonstration of how you can build your own skills while giving something back to the community.

Here’s a little clip of our incredible fence which will stand watch over a segment of the Regen Reserves, built by the hands of youth who themselves are being protected by it.