The sun was out and our Youth Network Participants were ready to go for Clean Up Australian Day on Sunday 4 March. 13 of our program’s participants turned up to offer their contribution to the national event working alongside hundreds of other clean-up projects across a range of different settings and environments. The setting for our group was the Regeneration Reserves in South Broken Hill.

The Regeneration Reserves serve as a green belt surrounding the whole town and protecting it from dust storms as well as maintaining biodiversity and protecting endemic species. The area which had been decimated by early mining and over grazing was restored with the installation of fencing and a local management committee supported by the mines and local couple Albert and Margaret Morris. Almost 100 years later and the Regeneration Reserves are still a significant natural asset for the town of Broken Hill and it was only fitting that we focussed our clean-up efforts on an area of such importance.

It was disappointing how much rubbish was collected especially as much of it had been dumped in the Regen; old tyres, rugs, bottles and waste material was found as well as smaller pieces of litter caught by the scrub. The youth did a fantastic job working together to remove the waste and have it discarded appropriately. Two large skip bins were filled by the efforts of the group which also included a few volunteers from the Barrier Field Naturalists and Landcare Broken Hill.

Broken Hill City Council provided a barbeque for everyone involved to finish off the morning, it’s hoped that everyone learns from the example of the Youth Network and does more to care for the world our youth will inherit.